The Impact of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) on Manufacturing Efficiency

November 21, 2017

Industrial Mechanical

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The industrial sector is facing an unprecedented challenge to produce larger quantities using limited raw materials and energy resources. Ever-changing technology is helping companies establish efficient manufacturing processes with improved productivity and energy efficiencies. The concept Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of computers, devices, and objects that collect and process huge amounts of data. Industrial Internet of Things is a part of this larger concept.

A central cloud-based system saves and aggregates data and presents it to the end-user in a meaningful way. An easy access and ability to process great amounts of data with great speed would certainly help manufacturing industry transform its processes and meet future needs more efficiently. Companies willing to embrace technology and innovation have already started exploring the opportunities created by IIoT.

What benefits can IIoT offer to industrial organizations? Industries always strive to save time and costs while achieving scalability, efficiency, and connectivity. IIoT can certainly help industries achieve these objectives. Improved operational efficiencies are one of the benefits industrial internet brings about.

Information is surely the greatest commodity a business could have. The Industrial Internet of Things helps organizations connect data, people, and processes from production team and equipment to executive offices. Information and data produced in a connected industrial environment help business owners take the right decisions.

It is always hard to develop and implement new technologies to an existing manufacturing system. Businesses have to remove obstacles in order to successfully adopt new tools and systems. Introducing IIoT into a manufacturing process also comes with certain challenges that need to be given due attention. For instance, it is of immense importance to locate and eliminate security vulnerabilities in order to make a profitable use of information and connectivity.

IIoT is turning out to be the primary trend affecting the industrial sector. Industries are stretching to understand modernize systems as a possible solution to challenges such as disruptive technologies, market speed and volatility. Companies that have embraced IIoT have witnessed improved productivity, safety, and profitability. Taking into account the increasing intensity of competition and demand for quality products, IIoT will become an essential part of a modern business.

The driving force behind the industrial internet is that smart devices are more efficient than humans in communicating and capturing data consistently and accurately. This data can help businesses locate inefficiencies quickly, thus, saving time and resources. IIoT has demonstrated great potential in streamlining quality control, supply chain traceability, and overall operational efficiencies.